Project and Process Management Consulting

  • building project teams in companies with no such experience by using our many years of experience in the field and our wide range of business contacts
  • taking over difficult or failing projects where deadlines have not been met, a team has lost either its leader or motivation and when a project seems to be a failure
  • reviewing and modelling of processes
  • pre-implementation of integrated systems

Interim Management

  • short-term assignment of a managerial position
  • assigning deputy managers during sick or maternity leave, or if an employment contract has been terminated
  • taking over tasks during the restructuring or relocating of a company or its branch
  • forming new companies or daughter companies and Polish branches

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I have gained business experience for a decade in the field of:  

  • running pioneering projects for the company under tight deadlines and pressure for results
  • in an international environment, where culture clash is very common
  • building structures and teams
  • international sales
  • lean  managmentu and lean manufacturingu  
  • preparing and optimising production
  • engineering

You won’t gain such a range of experience during training sessions.